Charlotte Rodstrom for City Commission District 2

Dear Neighbor:

My name is Charlotte Rodstrom and I am officially announcing my candidacy for the Fort Lauderdale City Commission, District 2. Having previously served our city as the District 2 City Commissioner from 2006-2012 and as Vice Mayor, I am excited to offer my extensive experience and dedicated service once again.

During my tenure, I worked tirelessly to streamline government functions, enhance public safety, foster responsible growth, and expand economic opportunities. My commitment to our community led to significant achievements, including a 21% decline in the city’s total property tax rate, making Fort Lauderdale’s tax rate one of the lowest among large cities in Florida.

I have always been a strong advocate for you, attentively listening to your concerns and acting as your representative in government. My commitment to building consensus has been key in harmoniously aligning the interests of our residents with those of the business community, fostering economic development that benefits everyone.

In recent years, I have observed with concern how the civility between City Hall and our residents has diminished. Restoring this civility and ensuring that your voice is not only heard but also respected is a cornerstone of my campaign.

With my experience in managing Fort Lauderdale’s budget, supervising our police and fire/rescue departments, and overseeing critical city departments and services, I am well-prepared to hit the ground running from day one.

I am a lifelong resident of Fort Lauderdale, a proud product of our public schools, and a mother who has raised her family here. Together with my husband, former County Mayor John Rodstrom, and our three grown sons (two of which are local business owners), I have witnessed the incredible growth and potential of our city.

Looking forward, my focus is on nurturing our vibrant neighborhoods, safeguarding our precious waterways, ensuring a safe and prosperous city, and fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

A key part of my vision is to promote balanced development. I am committed to managing growth responsibly, ensuring that it enhances rather than overwhelms our community. This means advocating for development that respects our neighborhoods’ character, meets our infrastructure needs, and contributes positively to our quality of life.

Join me on this journey to further enhance Fort Lauderdale, making it an even more exceptional place to live, work, and enjoy life. Your support, involvement, and ideas are crucial. I would be honored to speak with you and hear your concerns. Please feel free to call me or email me to share your thoughts or ask any questions. I am eager to earn your vote and work together towards a brighter future for District 2 and for Fort Lauderdale!