Charlotte Rodstrom stands for fiscal accountability of governmental expenditures, and is a vocal proponent against wasteful spending. While previously serving on the Fort Lauderdale City Commission, she was never afraid to ask the tough questions regarding the ever-expanding administration costs of City government. Charlotte fought for the residents by demanding that any project brought forth by the development community be compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods while keeping the infrastructure needs of the City paramount. As your Mayor, Charlotte Rodstrom will continue to be a watchdog for your tax dollars and your quality of life, while pushing for a transparent and ethical government.

Charlotte has lived here her entire life and has deep roots in the community. Her father ran for the City Commission in the 1960s, and her husband, a former County Commissioner, served on the City Commission in the 1980s. They have raised three sons: Travis, 34, a local marine industry owner; Wade, 32, a partner in a steel company; John, 25, a local attorney and entrepreneur.

Charlotte previously served Fort Lauderdale as the former Vice Mayor and Commissioner. She was elected three consecutive times from 2006-2012. She manages several of her own rental properties and is a medical billing specialist. Charlotte is the President of the Nurmi Isles HOA and is a member of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations. She has previously served on:

  • Board of Adjustment
  • Planning and Zoning Board
  • Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Broward Cultural Council
  • Broward Water Resources Task Force Board

Since 2012, the current City Commission, two of whom are my opponents, have approved rapid development without the proper water, sewer and storm-water infrastructure to support it.

Even though one of my opponents is a retired police chief, he has done nothing to improve the safety of our residents. This Commission has utterly failed in their obligation to protect the public. The Sun-Sentinel reported this headline last month:

“Fort Lauderdale ranked the least safe of 182 U.S. metro areas”

My opponents have not filled 30 vacant police positions, which have been vacant for over a year, despite the fact that these salaries have been approved and allocated to the police department budget. Additionally, our officer’s do not wear body cameras.

This Commission has a pathetic track record of failures and negligence. They have borrowed more money than any other City Commission. They have approved more development than any other Commission. They defunded our water and sewer infrastructure fund, leading to our disastrous sewage crisis, that also led to the most boil water notices we have ever had in a single year. Moreover, this Commission increased our water bills by 38% during their tenure, yet our drinking water is yellow.

On top of all this, they have not listened to the residents, especially on major quality of life issues.  They prefer to put our interests aside, instead concentrating on growing our population again without proper planning or any mitigation for the growth.

Sea level rise is another issue that has not been addressed properly. During my tenure, 2006-2012, I worked with residents and together we researched and pushed through the installation of a check valve system that reduced flooding. These check valves are now used citywide. We also knew that the height of our seawalls had to be addresses. I pushed for the city to work with the South Florida Building Code to adjust the height of our seawalls in order to take into account future sea levels.

Although education is not necessarily part of the City government purview, the total affordability of living in our City is. In my many discussions with millennials, and in having three of my own, I know that overall affordability also includes a good public education system. To that end, I am committed to using my position as Mayor to make sure our young have the quality of education that they deserve. I will ensure that when families look to move, our City welcomes them in every facet possible.  Furthermore, I will ensure that our community is a place where young people can afford to live. A successful city requires proper planning that takes into account ALL of our residents.

In addition to my qualifications, experience, and my stand on financial accountability I will:

  • Fill the vacant police positions immediately, before crime worsens to the detriment of our residents.
  • Ensure that the City has a plan for – and a way to pay for – replacing our aging infrastructure prior to approving development.
  • Rein in city expenditures and more effectively put our tax dollars to work.
  • Work to assure we are a City that tourists can enjoy, while safeguarding our community’s quality of life.
  • Make our local government transparent so that residents are more properly informed of our issues so that they may contribute to the conversation.
  • Always have an open door policy.